Draw weekly from a (clothed) live model with a community of artists. Bring your own supplies. All mediums are welcome (oil painters use odorless medium). Poses go from 2 minutes with an occasional long portrait or plein aire field trip. No instruction; just come draw with us :). 

Drop-ins are welcome. Contact Leah Kiser if you have questions (


Where: Sheridan Duffy's studio at Desert Rose Baha'i, 1642 W William Sears, Eloy, AZ (15 minute drive from Promenade Mall in CG).


Time: 10am-1pm


Summer note: There is discussion of raising the price for the session from $5 to $10, due to increasing the length of the session to 3 hours and paying the model adequately for his/her time. Please bring $10 to Aug 7 session and we will discuss what we want to do going forward.



Artists at play .....

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                .....Model at play