Supporter Gallery

Welcome to our gallery. Artwork in this gallery is copyrighted and may not be used or copied in any form without the express consent of the artist.  If you wish to contact one of our artists, please send a message through our Contact Us page.


If you are a CGAA supporter, you are welcome to email three jpegs of your art to be included on CGAA's gallery page.



Bruce Berry

Oil on Canvas

Neola Bye-Beza

Beaded Jewelry

Linda Burch

Shibori/Soutache Art

Sherry Carrell

Oil on Canvas

Nikki Collins (student)

Jewelry, painting, clay, drawing

Andy Cook

Oil on Canvas

Diane Cornish


Lois Dieringer


Barbara Doble

Oil on Canvas and Watercolor


Kathryn Givre

Encaustic, Oil, Mixed Media

Edna Harris

Mixed Media

Jeanette Hilgendorf

Fused Glass Jewelry

Candy Hyatt

Oil on Canvas

Steve Hyatt

Handcrafted Writing Pens

Gene Irvin

Pen & Ink with Watercolor Wash

Sandra Jaech

Beaded Jewely & Fiber Art

Richard and Jewel Knapp

Upcycled Fibers

Ellen Koehn

Urban Sketchers, Watercolors

Patti Kramer

Mixed Media

Gayle Lewis

Oils & Pastels

Bonnie Light

Beaded Jewelry

Joyce Martin

Wire Wrapped Stones Jewelry

Susy Mathai

Porcelain & Silk Painting

Terry O'Connor


Jim Parkin


Cindy Patterson

Tin Can Flowers

Larry Patterson

Outdoor Gallery Paintings

Anni Prochaska

Beaded Jewelry

Cindy Schaider


Duffy Sheridan

Oil on Linen

Jeanne Sheridan

Copper Jewelry

Susan Shivers

Oil on Canvas

Gloria Smith  "Gran Ma Gigi"

Multiple Media

Bob Spille

Oil on Canvas

Michael Storer

Mixed Media, Acrylics

Karla Tagliabue (student)


LaVerne Thorpe

Fused Glass

Mary Trusler

Oil on Canvas, watercolor, drawings

Bill Vitalec

Glass Carving

Mark White

Oil on Canvas

Diane Wehr

Oil on Canvas and Pastel on Suede Matboard

Linda Willoughby

Oil - Pastel -Charcoal

Karen A. (Kapril) Wong

Acrylic and Photograpy

Kayla Zebell (student)

Pencil & Marker